About Us

The Kaneville Fire Protection District is a fully volunteer fire department, providing fire/rescue and BLS medical services to the residents, businesses and students of our district. In addition to the local residents, we also serve all travelers that pass through our district including the 9 miles of the I88 tollway that we cover. The fire district consists of one fire station, with 36 volunteer firefighters and officers.

We also protect the students, teachers and administrators of the Kaneland High School, Kaneland Middle School & Kaneland District 302 campus plus participate in the Fire Prevention education of the four elementary schools in the Kaneland School District and the preschool students of the Kaneville Community Child Center.


Kaneville Fire Protection District boundaries encompass 36 square miles, which includes the Village of Kaneville and surrounding unincorporated areas. Kaneville, a mostly rural community of over 1,300 residents, is 50 miles west of Chicago in a rapidly developing suburban area. Our Department is on Box Cards to a total of 20 area jurisdictions (servicing over 160,000 residents within our first response area) for mutual aid, largely consisting of RIT Team or Water Supply. The Kaneville Fire District runs over 190 combined fire, rescue and EMS calls each year.

Our Mission

“To protect the safety of the members of the Kaneville Fire Protection District, to protect the life and property of the Kaneville Fire Protection District and to accomplish this in a fiscally responsible manner.”